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How To Consign

How to consign, the basics.

Merchandise mix is made up of couture and trend apparel, handbags, shoes, jewelry, scarves, belts and hats which are two years current or newer as well as select high-end vintage.

No appointment is ever needed at our Labels Walnut Creek location. Consignments are accepted seven days a week during our normal store business hours. A detailed inventory pricing list, which is determined by Labels, will be provided for your records. Your account can be checked 7 days a week and payment made for sold items every Friday. Labels consignment split is 50/50.

It’s that easy!

We are in a partnership.

Our commitment to you is that we will care for and showcase the items that you entrust with us as if they are our own. We will work to match each item with the right person. We will listen to our market and adjust our pricing to match. We are working together and we are successful together.

Your commitment to us is that you will be responsible for the timeline that matches your needs. If you don't ever want your item reduced in price then know when you need to pick them up and make it happen. If you are ready to let them go, know that if they are not sold then they will be donated towards someone's brighter future.